R 4,600

minimum investment

You can only invest in increments of R 4,600.

18 months

Access to funds

Your funds are invested for 18 months. Once they mature you can have access to them.




This return is a projection of how the investment will perform.

How It Works


Invest in a fraction or own your own Tuk Tuk.

Tuk Tuk

The Tuk Tuk is rented out to Tukk Tukie for

18 months.


Earn a great return at maturity.

Time Left To Invest

Frequently asked questions

When will my returns be paid?

The returns are paid at the end of the investments in 18 months.

How does the taxi industry feel about this?

The tuk-tuks complement and do not compete with the taxies. They also operate on routes that taxies usually don't use and go through an approval process with the respective associations.

Will I own my own individual Tuk Tuk?

You have the option to invest in a whole tuk tuk but if you invest in a fraction you will own the tuk tuk with other investors.

Can I use my tuk tuk for my gain as oppose to it being leased?

No, the tuk tuk will be leased to generate a return on the investment.

What would happen if the tuk tuk were to break down mechanically?

The operating company which has leased the tuk tuk from us will be responsible for maintaining it. Any maintenance/machinal fixes will be on the operating companies account.

Are the Tuk Tuk's new or 2nd hand?

They are second hand.

What risks are there?

The risks are that the company we have leased to goes out of business which would mean that we would have to sell the tuk tuk to recoup the cost. The ownership of the tuk tuk will always sit with us until the the company that has leased it has made the final payment (in month 18)

With the tuk tuk being a depreciating asset, am I guaranteed my capital if something bad were to happen?

Your capital is at risk but Tuk Tuks have a good resale value on the market.

Why 18 months and not 12 months?

18 months is the optimum period for us to recoup capital and deliver the stipulated return.

How is my return generated?

The Tuk Tuk is leased to the operating company, that will use the Tuk to transport clients to desired locations. The Return is generated from the revenue made on daily trips the operator provides. On a monthly basis we collect a rental fee from the operator.

Can I withdraw from the investment before the 18 months?

No, your money will be locked in for 18 months.