What Is Wealth?

To become wealthy you first need to understand what wealth means to you. This is one of those questions that don’t have a straightforward answer like “How long is a piece of string?” Or “What is the meaning of life?”

The most accurate answer would be it depends. The definition of wealth will be different for different people and this is because we all value different things.

If you search for the definition of wealth it says “An abundance of valuable possessions or money.” The example provided is “He used his considerable wealth to bribe officials” (maybe I got this search result because I live in South Africa).

Valuable possessions can be anything, for some people it is time and for others it is money. By defining what is of value to you are halfway to becoming wealthy all you have to do now is put a plan together to create an abundance of what you value. The one question you can ask yourself that might help you determine what you value is "What would you be doing if money was not an issue?". Your response to this question will guide you to what you value most.

Let me tell you about a Kenyan man who came to South Africa and become very wealthy.

Sam was born and raised in Kenya and got the opportunity to come to South Africa to study at UCT. While studying he met a group of like-minded individuals who like him were tech nerds. Over their studies, they worked on software and hardware that would improve the lives of many South Africans and Africans. After graduation, they formed a company to roll out the game-changing technology. Not long after they were acquired by Telkom for a sizable amount and Sam become an instant millionaire. This is what he had dreamt of for many years while growing up in Kenya and the day had finally arrived. Once he had bought his dream car and property in Camps Bay he felt successful. One morning Sam woke up felt like not going to work (We all know that feeling). For the next couple of days, he couldn’t shake the feeling and soon realized he was suffering from depression. He realized that the people he loved and cared about weren’t there to enjoy his success with him because he had neglected those relationships on his journey to success.

Sam resigned from his company and had to pay back some of the money that Telkom had paid him. He packed his bags and moved back to Kenya. He realized that wealth was not about how much money he had but how many of the people he cared about loved him and cared about him.

The moral of the story is to find balance while building your wealth and nurture the relationships and things that matter.

To finish off with a quote from the Yoruba TribeThe wealth which enslaves the owner isn’t wealth

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