Saving and you have Debt? Stop playing games

I will keep this short and sweet so my message is clear.

If you currently have debt (this excludes good debt like your home loan which you shouldn't pay over 20 years but that's a discussion point for another day) and you are investing or saving you are wasting your time and won't probably reach your goal of being financially secure.

Let me use numbers to illustrate:

Let's say you have R 10,000 outstanding on your credit card and the interest you have to pay is 16% and you have R 10,000 in your savings account and the interest you are earning is 7%.

This means:

You pay the bank R 1,600 while they pay you R 700.

By using the R 10,000 in your savings account to pay off your debt it would save you R 1,600!

So before you rush to invest make sure that you have paid off your store accounts and credit card debt otherwise you are better of not investing at all.

If you have good debt and want to start investing then we have some great investments for you.

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