Own a fraction of South Africa's Transport Industry

The transport industry in South Africa presents many opportunities because of the geographical location of the majority of the population.

The South African taxi (Minibus) network is responsible for transporting 75% of all transport to work, school and university in South Africa. The minibuses usually run on a predetermined route and can be hauled by displaying a sign or by finding them at a loading area usually just off the main road.

Tuk Tuks which operate within a short distance (radius of 10km) are a great addition to the existing transport network. They operate on routes that minibuses don't operate on and compliment the minibuses by collecting customers from their door and dropping them off at the respective loading areas. They also help by transporting customers from the drop of zones to their door. Other users such as school children and the elderly find the service beneficial because they can be picked up from their doorstep and travel a short distance in the area at an affordable price.

The tuk tuk operator (Tukk Tukie) partners with the local taxi association to ensure that all routes and services are clear to both parties.

Investment Opportunity

The investment case is very clear, there is an existing and growing market in high-density areas such as Soweto.

Investment Structure Diagram

The funds invested are a loan which is used to purchase tuk tuks which will be owned by a holding company set up for this investment. You will own a fraction of the tuk tuk with other investors. The tuk tuk will be rented to Tukk Tukie to form part of their fleet. Tukk Tukie will pay a monthly rental amount and ownership will be transferred to them on the final payment.

In the times we live in, diversifying your investments has become important and this investment provides you with the opportunity to do so. Invest Now

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