How Often And How Much You Should Invest

There are two ways to start investing or saving. You can either invest or save a lump sum or a small portion every month. Investing is something that should be done by everyone, irrespective of age or the amount of money you earn. Imagine if you started saving or investing when you earned your first salary how far you would be now.

The good news is that it is not too late to start and the bad news is that you might have to make sacrifices now like cutting down on some fun expenses. This is a small price to pay for you to live the life you want to live in the future. Investing or saving a lump sum is straight forward, once you have invested or saved that money its best you forget about it so you don't feel tempted. We have a great investment with a minimum of R 2,000 for 12 months or the 5 month investment with a minimum of R 1,000 might appeal to you. Investing or saving monthly is one of the best ways to start especially if you do not have R 2,000 upfront. You can invest a minimum of R 500 per month in our 12-month investment product. But how much should you be investing or saving of your monthly income? Let's say you earn R 27,000 net every month. You should be investing or saving at least 10% of your earnings. This means you should invest or save R 2,700 per month. This can be done by either using one product or multiple products, for example, You can invest R 1,350 in the 12-month investment and R 1,350 in the 5-month investment. To make sure that you don't forget to invest every month you can set up a scheduled or recurring payment with your bank. This is quick and easy to do and will ensure you stick to your investing or saving plan.

If investing 10% of your salary seems unmanageable start with an amount you can afford no investment is too small.

You can calculate your potential return here:

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