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Flash Investments


Investing in Flash Investments can earn you higher returns compared to other investment opportunities.  The investments are over a short period, usually between 60 - 120 days. This allows you to finance projects that you would not usually have access to.

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R 2,000

minimum investment

60 - 120 days

Access to funds

18%+ per annum

Frequently asked questions

Flash Investments

When will my investment start?

Your investment will start once we have reached the target amount which usually takes a few days to 2 weeks.

Which project are the funds financing?

These are projects awarded by government or private companies to SMME's in South Africa. These projects have been take through a due diligence by our partner company MoolaLend.

Who is MoolaLend?

MoolaLend is a private company that looks at opportunities in the SMME project finance industry. Some SMME's do not receive funding from the bank due to the size of the projects as well as the size of their balance sheets. This presents an opportunity to help SMME execute on these projects which are usually issued by JSE listed companies, government or state-owned enterprises. When financing these projects, we take the invoice as security for the repayment of the loan and the fee.

How does the return work?

The returns profile are different for each project and the return for each project will be made clear before you contribute any funds. We charge a standard 6% funding fee on the value of the project. The fee is then split 50/50 with you the funder. Example:

  • Required amount for project: R 100,000
  • Project Invoice Value: R 150,000
  • Fee Charged: R 9,000
  • You Make: R 4,500
  • We Make: R 4,500
  • Amount paid back to you: R 104,500
Therefore your return is 4.5% after 2 months which is 27% annualised.

Is my capital gauranteed?

No, your capital is not gauranteed.

Is the return gauranteed?

The quoted return per project is what will be paid to you.

How are projects verfied?

The project verfication is done by MoolaLend with through thier stringent process.

Which projects have you financed before

We have previously financed projects done for:

  • Eskom
  • Government Pensions Administration Agency (GPAA)
  • Auditor General SA
  • ABinBev
  • Oral Health Centre
  • Department Of Health
  • Armscor
  • Department Of Education

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