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The delivery industry in South Africa has been growing rapidly over the past 5 years with companies such as Mr D, TakeALot and UberEats experiencing higher demand. These companies outsource the deliveries to independent driver/riders who typically need to have vehicles. This product partners with SVC Cars, a company that specialises in the rental of fleet vehicles (passenger and delivery) to drivers who deliver on behalf of Uber, MrD and TakeALot.




R 3,000

R 30,000



R 3,000

minimum investment

You can invest as much as you want in batches of

R 3,000.

36 months

Access to funds

Your funds are invested for 36 months. Once they mature you can have access to them.

Up to


This is the projected return of the investment 11.33% per annum.

How It Works

Funds are raised from clients 

After 36 months, capital plus return is paid out to investor

Rent is collected every week

Funds deployed when R 30,000 has been reached

Partner company purchases assets

Assets are rented to drivers and managed by partner company

Frequently asked questions

Delivery Vehicles

When will my investment start?

The investment will start when we have raised R 30,000, if you are investing R 3,000 you will be notified once we have reached the target amount and you will be provided with specific details on the investment.

Who will rent the assets?

The partner company has a database of realiable drivers/riders that will rent the assets from them. The drivers/riders deliver on behalf of UberEats, MrD and TakeALot just to name of a few.

How often will you update me on my investment?

Who is the partner company?

Is my capital gauranteed?

Is the return gauranteed?

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