Get interest payments every 3 months!

R 2000

minimum investment

You can invest as much as you want. 

12 Months

Your funds are invested for 12 months and you receive interest payment every 3 months


Interest Earned

Your investment will earn 12% over the 12 month investment period.

Factsheets are issued quarterly




This product allows you to invest your funds for a 12 month period with the option of receiving interest earned every 3 months. This means if you invest R 2000,  the expected return after 12 months would be R 280. The total value of your investment would be R 2280. Every 3 months, you will have the option to take out the interest earned of R 70 or roll it over.  After 12 months, you will have the option to cash out your investment or roll it over for reinvestment.

If you kept your funds in the bank over 12 months you would earn a return of approx. R 130. The total value of your investment would be R 2130

Product Terms

  • Funds locked up for 12 months

  • Option to receive interest every 3 months

  • No early withdrawal

  • Up to 12% interest

  • Interest is paid every 3 months

  • Return is calculated on the capital invested

  • You can make a once off investment or monthly investment, its all up to you


  • Reinvest the funds or transfer them to your bank account

  • Earn an income from your investment every 3 months

  • Money available on the maturity date

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