R 500

minimum investment

You can invest as much as you want. You can also invest once-off for R 2000.

12 months

Access to funds

Your funds are invested for 12 months. Once they mature you can have access to them.


historic return

This return is how the investment has performed over the past 12 months.

Factsheets are issued bi-annually 


cattle guaranteed

Our cattle is insured by the feedlot.

Until Raising Pool Closes

This means any funds invested now will only be used to purchase cattle when the pool closes.

How It Works

Funds are raised from clients 

Proceeds are reinvested for another 120 days until 12 months is reached

After 12 months, capital plus return is paid out to investor

Funds deployed to partner farmer ("Beefcor")

Partner farmer sources and purchases cattle

After 120 days, cattle sold under offtake agreements at current market price

Cattle are managed and maintained by partner farmer for 120 days (4 months)

Frequently asked questions

Cattle Investment

Do I own the cattle?

No, you are investing alongside other investors into a herd of cattle. You own a percentage in a herd of cattle rather than own 1 cattle that belongs to you.

How long do I have to make the R500 monthly contributions for?

We suggest 12 months however you can start and stop the contributions as you please.

Does SV Capital debit my account monthly?

No, you can either set up a stop order with your bank to make automatic monthly contributions or you can manually make a Direct EFT to the provided bank account details every month.

If I contribute R500 monthly, do I get R6000 at the end of 12 months plus the returns?

No, SV Capital collects money every 2 months (“raising cycle”) and purchases a batch of cattle every 2 months. Thus your money will be invested in batches every 2 months and your 12months will start then. This means your money will paid out every 2 months the following year

What happens after 12 months?

After 12 months, we will require a maturity instruction from you. You can either reinvest the money or Cashout. If you reinvest the money, this will be reinvested for another fixed term (12months). If you cashout your investment, these funds will be paid back into your bank account initially provided.

How does the 20% performance fee work?

The performance fee is calculated after the 12months. The performance fee is effective if the benchmark rate of CPI+4% is achieved. If the returns exceed the benchmark rate, the returns above the benchmark will be split 80% to the investor and 20% to SV Capital.

How often will I get feedback?

A report on the performance of the all the cattle will be available every 6 months.

Is my investment guaranteed?

Your investment is not guaranteed; however 99% of the cattle are guaranteed. SV Capital has taken measures to ensure the best possible outcome by conducting extensive due diligence on the farmers that we work with but there is a level of risk that you will be taking in this investment.

Can I invest in a pregnant cow?

We do not have the option to invest in a pregnant cow. All our cattle are placed in a feedlot for beef production purposes, we do not breed cattle.

What is the potential risk?

The two main risks is:

  1. The market price at the time of sale
  1. Livestock doesn’t gain the expected weight
We have put measures in place to mitigated as much of the risk as possible by having a guaranteed buyer when the livestock reaches its optimum weight



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