SV Capital aims to invest in and build a portfolio of sustainable investments, driven by set goals to build shareholder value, mindful of its social, economic and environmental responsibilities, as it strives to be committed to integrity, honesty and fairness in all dealings with its stakeholders.


What We Do & How We Got Here

SmartVest Capital trading as SV Capital is South Africa’s first crowd-investing fund manager offering innovative investment products geared for digitization with the ability to efficiently scale. SV Capital's flagship product  - "Build a Herd" offers fractional ownership of cattle during the high growth phase of the animal’s life cycle, maximizing monetary value growth and investment returns over short repeatable life cycles.


Our focus is on investment products that are structured to appeal to the traditional African concepts of value, perfectly placing SV Capital in a position to capture market share with consumers who may usually avoid the complex investment instruments managed by predominately conventional fund managers.

Since launching in 2017, SV Capital has made significant strides in addressing the lack of financial inclusion in South Africa. We are committed to expanding our product offering in order to financially empower South Africans.


Our intentions are to positively impact people's lives and also address the socio-economic issues South Africa currently faces.